The Original Big Shrimpy Indestructible Dog Bed - Rectangular Dog Bed –

The Original Big Shrimpy Indestructible Dog Bed - Rectangular Dog Bed

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Our Rectangle Dog Bed is Designed to Last Forever!

Imagine never having to throw another dog bed away? Introducing the Big Shrimpy Dog bed – the indestructible dog bed built to last and that is backed up by a 3-year limited warranty. This durable dog bed has an outer cover made from 420 denier packcloth and a comfortable faux suede upper surface. The interior liner is made from ripstop nylon that is odor and liquid-resistant. The entire hypoallergenic dog bed is machine washable and dryable, and with component parts available separately, this should be the last dog bed you'll ever need to buy.

Washes Like New, Again and Again

Accidents happen, not a problem with our washable dog bed, just wash and dry the entire bed or just the cover. A zippered cover and inner liner make it easy to take apart to wash all components separately. Even the SmartFill™, our recycled filling, can be removed for easy washing and drying!

The Inside

Big Shrimpy pet beds are filled with our very own SmartFill, a polyester fiber made from recycled plastics. The bed is designed for maximum comfort and to alleviate pressure points with its supportive fill that won't flatten out over time. This makes it a great choice for every dog but especially effective if your dog needs a dog bed for arthritis.

Stay Clean and Fresh

We love our dogs too but dog odor is something we like to avoid. The Big Shrimpy luxury dog bed addresses the problem of dog odors with ripstop nylon inside lining that repels liquids and odors.

Recyclable, Not Just Recycled

With so many reasons why your Big Shrimpy dog bed may well last forever, you may never need to part with it.  However, if you do, we'll recycle it for you if you send it to us and we will reuse the fiber through our Full Circle program.


  • 420 denier packcloth base
  • Comfortable faux suede or soft fleece sleeping surface
  • 3-year Warranty
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Size: 29" x 35"


  • Small:        28L x 23W x 5H
  • Medium:   34L x 28W x 5H
  • Large:       46L x 35W x 5H
  • XL:            57L x 46W x 5H

The Big Shrimpy dog beds provide the ultimate comfort for relaxing, snuggling, or chilling out for your pet. We offer the best indestructible dog bed on the market.

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