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Kaytee Rat home is the perfect wire rat cage. This home is the ideal rat cage size for a medium to large rat.

Kaytee Rat Home

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The Kaytee Cage for a Rat is an ideal living space for your rowdy rodent, with two levels, a fun safety ramp, and plenty of room for him to run the rat race. The deep plastic base keeps bedding and litter inside, while the 1/2" spaced wire cage allows plenty of ventilation and visibility.

  • The perfect pet rat housing
  • Unique design ensures added security durability
  • Includes 2nd level, safety ramp, and food dish

Chew-proof latches and the coated metal wire cage are designed to keep your furry friend safe and secure. The cage is assembled or disassembled by snapping together parts in seconds with no tools required for easy assembly and cleaning.

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