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Feisty Ferret Home

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Prevue Pet Products feisty ferret home offers plenty of space for even the most energetic adult ferrets to run, jump and play. Cage comes complete with ramps, shelves, and even a hammock to keep your fuzzy friend entertained and content. So if you have all the space in the world and want a roomy home for your ferret that also looks great this is the cage for you. Two doors allow for complete access to your pet and platforms, grille, and bottom tray that are all easily removed for convenient cleaning. The legs have casters that provide portability from room to room and the space saver shelf holds toys, treats, and supplies. It features a grate that allows for proper airflow while keeping your ferret from escaping. The Feisty Ferret Home includes 3 ladders, 2 platforms, 1 hammock, a removable plastic pan, and a bottom storage shelf.

The Feisty Ferret Home is available in a black hammer tone finish.

Well made and Spacious Feisty Ferret Cage - Ideal for one or more ferrets.


  • Feisty Ferret Cage Dimensions: 31" L x 20" W x 41-1/2" H
  • 7/8" wire spacing
  • 3 Ladders
  • 2 Platforms
  • 1 Hammock
  • Removable plastic pan
  • Bottom storage shelf
  • Black hammer tone finish

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